Thursday, 5 November 2009


Can you believe Christmas is only a month and an half away?
I have started making Christmas decorations and I received so many comments about them that I wanted to show them to you!
You can find them in my OHMIROIR SHOP.

I can;t wait to start decorating my christmas tree...What colours will yours be?

Tuesday, 3 November 2009


Fergie is getting bigger.. 14,4 kilos!! We went to the vet today to get her passport. It was raining a lot and she really didn't like it..I think I need to start thinking about getting her a coat!
It is not that easy though because she is quite large and you can't find that many coats for big dogs!

It made me think that I should post about LOOKATMYDOG.

LOOKATMYDOG is an online shop for pets that my friend Lorraine created a year and an half ago.

I could just talk about it but I'll just show you some of my favourite items and you can judge by yourself!

So check this website out! x x x